Talent STudio Representatives

what's a talent studio rep?

Welcome! You are here because of your influence into the next generation of leaders in Memphis. Together we’re ushering in new life for the city, and we believe you to be a key figure in that change. 

Being a Talent Studio Representative is a foundational way that you can help bring this change. As all record labels have artist representatives bringing on the hottest talent, we are encouraging (and paying!) you to do the same for bringing fellow Choose901: Alumni to the Talent Studio.

For every 5 Choose901: Alumni that fill out completed profiles because of you, we’ll give you a $50 Visa Gift Card.

Keep reading to be part of the Representative Team!

how to become a talent studio rep

Step 1: Sign-up and attend an on-boarding

Sign-up to be part of the Studio Rep team through this form, and we’ll contact you about an on-boarding session. The on-boarding session will be a brief training on the basics of the Talent Studio, how to bring other friends on, and what expectations are as a Studio Rep.

Step 2: Bring your friends on the Studio!

The next part in the process is actually bringing your friends and fellow Choose901: Alumni on the Studio! You have the creative freedom to on-board them individually, as a group, or hosting a low-key event for them. 

Your people don’t have to live in Memphis, just make sure they are a Memphian that’s part of the Alumni Program.

Step 3: Collect Your Coins

Now for the fun part. For every 5 completed Alumni profiles on the Talent Studio, we’ll send you a $50 Visa Gift Card.

When your people complete their profiles, make sure they mention you in their Studio profile, and let us know their names via email.

we can't think of a better rep!

Thanks for being a part of the Choose901 work. You can sign up as a Studio Rep below, or contact the Choose901 Team if you have any questions!