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Organizational Description:
Many young adults graduate college with a drive to change their world and learn the best ways to support under-resourced communities. Impact America provides an opportunity for recent graduates to engage with their communities in a meaningful way, broadening their perspectives and making a real impact. Individuals who serve as an AmeriCorps member with Impact America spend a year of service after graduation at a nationally recognized organization working to mitigate the effects of poverty, while also gaining professional experience and a broadened perspective.
Position Description:
AmeriCorps Members serving with Impact America engage with communities through Impact’s three initiatives: FocusFirst, SaveFirst, and SpeakFirst.
· FocusFirst ensures that children in urban and rural communities receive comprehensive vision care
during their crucial formative years.
· SaveFirst provides free tax preparation to facilitate economic improvement for working families.
· SpeakFirst uses academic debate as a platform to support middle school and high school Birmingham
students and to guide them on a path toward college excellence.
AmeriCorps members plan and execute all initiatives that operate in their state of service, as well as recruit and manage the service of college students as they participate in those initiatives. AmeriCorps members are in the community every day, collaborating with community partners and interacting with a
diverse group of people, ranging from preschoolers to college students to working parents.
Position Responsibilities:
FocusFirst (AL, TN, SC)
· Conduct vision screenings at Head Start and daycare centers throughout your state of service.
· Process results from vision screenings to ensure that follow-up care is provided for all children who
need it.
SaveFirst (AL, TN, SC):
· Obtain certification as an Advanced Volunteer Tax Preparer
· Recruit and train college students on tax law.
· Manage students’ service at community-based sites
· Implement marketing strategies to encourage families to utilize free tax preparation.
· Develop community partnerships to establish tax preparation sites.
SpeakFirst (AL):
· Support program as needed by judging at tournaments or tutoring students
Service Term: August 2022- May 2023
Positions are currently available in Birmingham, AL; Memphis, TN; and Greenville, SC.
Skills Required:
Successful candidates will exhibit a commitment to improving the lives of economically disadvantaged
families, a record of community service and/or civic engagement, leadership skills, the ability to work well
with a diverse group of individuals (e.g., college students, children, community partners), flexibility in a
fast-paced environment, and a positive attitude.
Additional Information:
Impact America is an AmeriCorps Program®. Benefits include the following:
· $1,600 monthly living stipend
· $4,546.50 education award (received upon completion of term of service)
· Health insurance
· Meals when providing service outside of your home county
· Mileage reimbursement when driving your personal car for service
· All travel costs during overnight trips (hotel, rental car, meals)
· Ongoing professional development and training
Health Insurance
A health benefits policy is administered by The Corps Network/CIGNA and is available to members upon
request. If the member currently has other coverage (through a spouse, parent, or individual plan), they
must sign a waiver of health insurance coverage which indicates that they have been made aware of the
availability of health benefits and have chosen not to enroll.
Childcare Allowance
The allowance will be provided directly to a child care provider determined by AmeriCorps, if the member
qualifies for the allowance. The child care allowance will distribute this allowance evenly over the term of
service on a bi-weekly basis
Education Award
For successful completion of a full-time 1,200 hour term, the member will receive an education award in
the amount of $4,546.50. The member understands that their failure to disclose to the Program any
history of having been released for cause from another AmeriCorps Program will render them ineligible to
receive the education award. The member is entitled to two (2) full time education awards in the course of their life, even if they serve for more than two terms of service.
Student Loan Forbearance
If the member has received forbearance on a qualified student loan during the term of service, the
National Service Trust will repay a portion or all of the interest that accrued on the loan during the term of
service. Note: The term of service may differ from your time commitment with the program.
AmeriCorps members serving with Impact America should expect frequent travel across their state,
including overnight travel. AmeriCorps members should expect approximately 50% of their time will be
spent traveling to provide service.
Eligibility Requirements:
· Documentation of status as a U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, or lawful permanent resident alien (AmeriCorps
eligibility requirement)
· Completion of a college degree (exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis with prior approval)
· Submit to criminal background check, including an FBI check, NSOPW check, a statewide check in the
applicant’s state of residence at the time of application, a statewide check in applicant’s state of service
(if different than state of residence)
· At least 18 years of age
Impact America welcomes applications from individuals with disabilities. We have sought to identify the
essential functions and physical requirements of all service positions and will make reasonable
accommodations through scheduling, task reassignment, and other methods to accommodate applicants
and AmeriCorps members. Please contact us should you need accommodations in order to apply.
Disaster Response (AL Only):
Alabama AmeriCorps State members may be called to support disaster response and/or recovery efforts
as needed by the State of Alabama.
About Impact America
Impact America engages recent graduates and college students to address community needs, empowering a generation through collaborative efforts to promote change in the communities we serve.

To apply for this job email your details to mrhodes@impactamerica.com

To apply for this job email your details to mrhodes@impactamerica.com

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