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Founded in 1998, Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) exists to coach, grow, and lead the youth of Memphis by
helping them discover their identity in Christ and their purpose in the community. MAM’s vision is to see
identity found, hope restored, and lives changed. MAM serves more than 1,800 youth through year-round
Christ-centered sports and afterschool programming.

Position Summary
The Associate Youth Coordinator is responsible for supporting the daily programming and operations of a
MAM neighborhood center. Daily operations include, but are not limited to: Using organized sports and
programs to draw at-risk neighborhood youth to the site; creating a nurturing environment by leading small
mentoring groups; and administering comprehensive programs that address the physical, mental, social, and
spiritual needs of youth. The Associate Youth Coordinator is a part of our MAM leadership training program
that builds competency and experience in urban youth ministry. The purpose of this position is to prepare
participants for full-time urban youth ministry but does not guarantee a full-time position at Memphis Athletic

● Responsible for supporting the execution of daily operating procedures for MAM afterschool and/or
sports programming
● Engage with target schools and organizations to maximize programming for youth
● Support in planning and leading bible studies that share the truth of Jesus Christ and guide youth to a
deep abiding relationship with Christ
● Use systematic processes to track progress of youth in athletic, academic, social, and emotional
● Engage with staff to build a culture of teamwork, ownership, and communication
● Coach teams and assist with the operation of MAM leagues
● Assist in leading volunteers to deliver best-in-class programming and age-appropriate enrichment for
● Contribute to the development of youth through best practices of gospel discipleship and academic,
emotional, and mental support
● Ensure participant data is entered and correct to analyze and manage ongoing attendance records,
youth development progress, and after school participation
● Participate in camps, clinics, special events, field trips, and other youth activities as required
● Funnel youth towards resources to meet the needs of them and their families
● Instill a sense of ownership and accountability among youth and teammates by modeling oversight of
individual and organizational performance standards
● Manage budget for programming, activities, supplies, and equipment
● Attend and participate in all trainings, conferences, and professional development opportunities
● Ambassador of MAM in your community and spheres of influence

Qualifications and Skills
● A follower of Christ, representing our mission, vision, and core values in their personal walk inside and
outside of MAM
● Able to effectively communicate and exemplify the gospel in all settings
● An active member of a local church congregation
● Ability to coach and motivate youth past their perceived limitations to unleash their potential
● Comfortable using sports as a connecting point with kids through playing and coaching
● Spiritually mature and biblically sound
● Able to effectively implement MAM programming
● Able to lead children of all ages
● Highly self-aware and able to accept and give feedback and constructive criticism
● Verbal and written communication skills with a variety of audiences to empower and elevate others
and seek clarity
● Highly organized and detail oriented with an ability to execute in a fast moving, challenging
● Strong leadership skills with a solution-oriented approach and a high tolerance for adversity and
● High levels of vigor and excitement to deliver high-quality daily programming
● Keep a drivers license and proper insurance coverage for transportation of youth as needed

Experience and Education
● High School diploma
● College degree preferred but not required

Commitment and Compensation
● Committed to our 12-month training program (August to July), consisting of training and practical work
● Compensation: $450/week (approximately 28-30 hours a week)
● 5 days paid vacation (accrued)

To apply for this job please visit

To apply for this job please visit

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