From Stax to the Met: Young Memphian to Perform in NYC Opera

This Memphian is traveling to New York City and performing at the Met Opera…all before his 13th birthday. 

If you met him, you might think Caleb Thompson is an ordinary 12-year-old, but he has some extraordinary fall semester plans: he’s making his way from Memphis to New York City to join the roster of the most prestigious opera house in the country—the Metropolitan Opera (aka the Met). 

He’ll take the stage alongside some of the world’s top performers in an opera house that’s been making history since the 1880’s. And this year’s no different: Caleb is joining the cast of Fire Shut Up in my Bones by Terence Blanchard (based on the book by Charles Blow), which will be the Met’s first performance of an opera by a Black composer. 

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